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Elena Morar - wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer

The «ElenaMorar» Company is engaged in manufacturing of wedding, evening and children's dresses, as well as a variety of wedding accessories.

Our company is a unique enterprise, which works in the market of wedding industry for many years, and managed to resist afloat, survive the economic storm and turmoil and continues to please their partners with the good product, quality work and continued relevance of the lineup.

We are in constant search of new ideas, technologies and designs. All our efforts are aimed to achieve high quality products at affordable prices.

In addition, our company is interested in attracting new partners who, in turn, want to buy dresses wholesale from the manufacturer.

Here's what you need to know about cooperation with the company «Elena Morar»:

  • We are a manufacturer of wedding, evening and children's dresses and wedding accessories. From these words follow the next.
  • All our models have a unique design and excellent quality.
  • We work with the customer directly, because our products can be purchased at very affordable and attractive prices.
  • Our wide product range will make your store a truly great place for brides, because it will be possible to find here almost everything you need.
  • The dresses by the «ElenaMorar» are regular new collections that match the latest fashion trends.
  • We work with everybody. Our dresses can be ordered from any place in the world, and we take care of the fast delivery of the goods to the right place.

We produce the wedding dresses in Ukraine in large quantities, without affecting the quality of products. We are versatile and produce not only the wedding dresses, but also luxurious evening dresses.

In the relevant sections of the site you can find such items: the veils, the bolero and capes, the gloves, the underskirts, the tiaras, the handbags for the bride, the covers for dresses and mannequins, the bracelets, the necklace and earrings, the bouquets for the bride, the ribbons, the pins.

The company «Elena Morar» is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of elegant dresses in Ukraine. We manufacture the most delicate wedding dresses, beautiful evening dresses, as well as children's holiday attire. The quality of our products proved by many years of successful sales. We sale our production not only in the Ukrainian market of the wedding industry, and also outside the country.

Every year, we present to the attention of our customers and partners a new collection, which is a complete range of wedding dresses, evening dresses and children's dresses, as well as a wide selection of wedding accessories.

Our wholesale customers are given exclusive opportunity to purchase a wide range of unique models, which have no analogues. We sell high quality products at the most pleasant prices.

Impeccable reputation of «Elena Morar»

- is the result of long and hard work on each product, from the painstaking drawings of the best designers, ending careful selection ideally suited accessories. Of course, we do not forget about the best materials and the most fashionable style - but skills can be seen is in the details.

Follow the fashion, think and talk about it , is our first and most direct responsibility. Our collections are always at the height of fashion trends each season. Dresses from the manufacturer «ElenaMorar» - is the most current model, which is a benchmark for many fashionable women of our country.

Making wedding dresses we treat with great trepidation, because we understand the importance of this event, and the fact that on this day she has to be the most charming and comfortable throughout the holiday. Our range consists of different types and styles of dresses - we have a curvy dresses with trains, aircraft A-Line, form-fitting "fish" and mermaid, and flowing short dress. Even the most demanding women will find their perfect dress among this diversity.

Buying our dresses, you get not only the textile and impeccable tailoring, quality, perfect performance, and most importantly affordable.

All our dresses are sewn in the shortest possible time, since working on them are true masters of their craft. Thanks to what customers do not have to spend a lot of time, all of the dresses they receive within a specified time, which contributes to the continuous development of the business.

We are sincerely looking forward to each of our clients, and we hope that our cooperation with you, dear visitor of this page, will be long and profitable.

We always help our partners to chose the best dresses for their salon. And if you would like to know prices and conditions of cooperations, send request.

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