Elena Morar Wedding Fashion - about us

Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in the feeling of the beauty of your dreams? Let your soul to fly, harness your power to your passion. Honor your calling. 

Whether you want to feel like royalty in a luxurious masterpiece, walk down the aisle in a chic, fashion-forward textured dress or have a beautifully crafted couture bridal gown with feminine silhouettes and delicate touches of lace and beading, Elena Morar has already thought about you.

Discover a gown that embodies your beauty, sings to your soul — and reveals a part of you that is never lost.

Why choose us?

Founded in 2005, Elena Morar is a Ukrainian bridal and evening fashion brand stocked by more than 250 partners worldwide.

The inspiration we have every time after hearing how much you enjoyed dresses was and always will be the leading power for us.

As manufactory growth into a well-known and recognizable brand, widening the team to reach new heights in the dress making industry, we are happy to have the same meaningful and valuable connection with you, our partner.

We have been producing bridal fashion for a long time, we have managed to capture the flow of work processes, and now every stitch and step becomes not only professional but with one thought in mind.

“On a day when people come together to celebrate life and love, all eyes are on the bride, each moment captured in the eyes of family, friends and fiancé. What would she see first? – dress! A bride’s love story inspires us, and this is why we love creating”

You can see this passion and dedication to work in each Elena Morar gown. It is in the handcrafted fit that accentuates a womanly form, in the way the fabrics flow and shine and in the quality detailing that will leave every guest in awe – and stir the heart of a husband-to-be.

We always help our partners to chose the best dresses for their salon. And if you would like to know prices and conditions of cooperations, send request.