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будуарные платья оптомThe bride dressed only in a wedding dress can be compared with an uncut diamond. It seems so, but something is missing, there is no sense of completeness of the composition, silhouette, no important details and accents. There is no common collective image in the composition – as the artists would say, and would be right.

Wedding dress is just a white dress on the bride, if it is not decorated at least a veil, isn't it?

Wedding accessories by Elena Morar

We care about our clients and their customers, and therefore offer you to buy our wedding accessories wholesale. In this section you will find such essential accessories as veils, tiaras, boleros, capes, gloves, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, as well as related products: ribbons, underdress, underskirts, handbags and bouquets for brides.

Veil is an integral part of the wedding image, it is the embodiment of purity and simplicity of a young girl. In addition, head can be decorated with delicate tiaras and beautiful hairpins. These accessories will help to focus on the hairstyle and fix the veil well.

In the cold season, an indispensable accessory of the bride is considered capes and gloves that protect the girl from the wind and cold. In the summer, the wedding image can be decorated with the exquisite capes made of light lace.

Diadems will be the best addition to the whole image. These accessories will give shine and place the right accents.

And handbags for brides will come to the help to the bride at any moment, because there you can put things on all contingencies.

Buying wedding accessories wholesale, you can buy a variety of underskirts for dresses, as well as ribbons and covers for mannequins. We provide not only products for your wedding boutiques and shops, we also care about the safety of the goods. 

Wedding accessories - the spice of your image

Every girl is a real nugget, which has no analogue in the world. They are distinguished by almost everything – from character to food preferences and fashion. The image of each individual girl is made up of a large number of small, sometimes even barely noticeable details. Wedding jewelry of a bride is necessary thing.

And we can see such detailing in almost everything. Exactly the same applies to clothing: any of the images is a combination not only of the main textile products, but also various parts, accessories, a combination of colors, shapes and textures.

The wedding image of the bride does not consist exclusively of the dress. Even if the wedding dress is considered chic, lush, embroidered and decorated, it still requires additional accessories. For example, veils, hairpins, tiaras. That is why "ElenaMorar" wants to offer you to buy wholesale wedding accessories at competitive prices, so that every bride who came to your boutiques and shop was able to fully create her own wedding image.

фаты оптом от производителяDepending on the wealth and style of the dress girls can buy different wedding accessories. The main thing is to comply with the rule of happy mean. Jewelry should not be too much, so that only they strike the eyes at once of all present, and the bride, in turn, resembled a large Christmas tree that shines from all sides. On the other hand, too small number of wedding accessories can leave a feeling of incompleteness of the image, and the wedding dress will look poor. It is wedding jewelry for the bride will correct the image.

Dear clients, we offer you to buy our wedding accessories wholesale so your wedding boutique and shop can have a large enough content with all the goods, and then the bride will leave you fully prepared.

A large assortment range of the products is considered an undeniable advantage of any wedding boutique and shop. After all, the bride is a person quite flighty, it happens to them because of the rather time-consuming and nervous preparation for the wedding. That is why it is quite useful to have in your boutique and shop not only wedding dresses, but also wedding accessories for two reasons.


First, the bride needs all the accessories to see her whole image during the fitting of the dress. Otherwise, she will not have a complete picture, and she can leave the store completely upset and without shopping.

Secondly, the time saved for brides is worth its weight in gold. Any girl will be excited if she can buy all the best in one place. Believe us, after a positive response, even one enthusiastic girl, your boutique and shop will be added with at least a dozen new customers.

We sincerely worry about the success of your business, that is why we offer you to buy our wedding accessories wholesale from the manufacturer and to get a real pleasure from our cooperation.

ЕIf you have any questions, you can contact us without delay. Our fashion consultants will help you to understand every detail, as well as to choose wedding accessories wholesale from the ElenaMorar trademark.

Enjoy your shopping!

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