Bouquets for brides
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Bouquets for brides

A wedding is composed of many small but very important details that create a special atmosphere and concept of a holiday. Everyone in Elena Morar perfectly understands this, therefore, except for wedding dresses and accessories, we offer you to buy wedding bridal bouquets wholesale for the fairly inexpensive price. 

Why should bridal bouquets be in a wedding boutique?

If you buy our bridal bouquets wholesale, you will always have the opportunity to show the bride her future image by giving such a bouquet to a young woman who is fitting your wedding dress. With flowers in her hands she will be able to feel herself a real bride and, most likely, she will buy the wedding dress in your salon. 

What are the advantages of artificial wedding bridal bouquets?

Such bouquets are purchased by the brides for some cases. For example, one's wedding is planned for winter, and the weather forecast says the wedding day will be frosty – any bride will finally choose an artificial bouquet instead of real flowers that unfortunately fade quickly in the cold.

Or such a variant: a bride ordered a chic wedding bouquet of fresh flowers for a pretty penny and she does not want to throw it at the end of the celebration to her friends and young girls who are present at the wedding following the tradition. There are many reasons for this – it can be wrinkled, spoiled, crumbled, the bouquet is too heavy, and it's a pity, after all, the bride would likely dry it and leave this miracle as a memento. Therefore, for this moment of a wedding, she buys a pretty, light, non-expensive artificial bridal bouquet.


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