Covers for a wedding dress wholesale
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Elena Morar is not only a wholesale manufacturer of holiday dresses and accessories; we are still engaged in the production and sale of necessarily related products. One of such categories of goods is covers.

Nowadays, few manufacturers of wedding and evening dresses think about where and in what conditions their products will be preserved, we understand the importance of every detail, therefore we offer our customers also to buy covers for wedding dresses wholesale.   

Firstly, covers really protect the elegant outfit from spoiling, various spots, dust and other things which are hunting white and light outfits.

Secondly, packaging matters, especially if we are talking about women. It's always nice to get your purchase and not be afraid of how not to spoil it and how to keep it properly.  

These covers are rags on one side, and transparent (polyethylene) on the other side, so that one can see what's inside without opening it. By the way, such a cover is opened and closed with a convenient zipper.  

But we offer not only covers for wedding dresses wholesale but also covers for mannequins wholesale which will simplify the work, and also increase the number of customers in your boutique.

On our site, you will find covers for mannequins of two colors – golden and silvery. With their help, you can decorate a stylish showcase or hall of your boutique able to attract brides like a magnet. Such cover can focus attention on the very piece (dress, bolero, wrap or other wedding detail)

Also, if you buy covers for mannequins wholesale, then you will reliably protect mannequins in your boutique from dust, dirt, hooks and other troubles. Such covers will help you ensure your mannequins service durability. If necessary, the cover can be replaced or washed, and the mannequin, will, of course, remain perfect.

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