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At different times, the veil was attributed different meanings. The design of the veil depends on the historical period of time, culture and religious beliefs of the brides. At various times, the veil symbolized protection from the supernatural, as well as wealth and nobility. For modern brides, the veil is mostly perceived as a fashion accessory, which complements the dress, the image of the bride and the style of the event. Today, one can buy veils wholesale from many manufacturers and retailers in any wedding boutique or store, but with each day, the veil is treated less as a thing with a deep meaning.

The history of veil

The history of the bridal veil originates from the ancient empires of the Greeks and Romans. The bride was wearing a veil for protection from evil spirits during the wedding ceremony. In these times the veil was of bright red or yellow colors. The heathen believed that these colors could protect a bride. A veil was also designed to protect a bride from a groom's gaze. It was believed that a bad omen is when a groom sees a bride before the wedding.

The importance of veils in Christianity

Traditionally, during a Christian wedding, a bride and a groom wore wreaths of flowers and twigs. This symbolized that the bride and the groom would sacrifice something during the whole marriage. Veil became an element of a Christian wedding in the early twentieth century. They were used to show the groom and guests the integrity and purity of the bride.

The types of veils

In heathen times, the veil was made of thin yellow or red cloth. Jewish wedding ceremonies have brought white veil into vogue and such a veil was traditionally long to cover the face and body of the bride. Modern fashion offers a veil of different lengths – it can either reach the earth or hardly touch the shoulders of the bride.


According to traditions, the veil borrowed from a happy married woman will bring happiness and wealth. It is not a bad omen for a bride to wear a veil before her wedding, but if she wants to try it on, she should never do it at the same time with a dress.

The features of modern veils

Veils are often made of lace or tulle. It consists of two parts: one is still and remains in the back of the head, and the other serves to cover the face of the bride. The lace or tulle that is used for veils is usually white, but you can choose any other light shade for the skin tone. In our time the veil has no longer any heathen meaning and not everyone considers it to be a religious symbol but simply an integral detail that perfects the bride's look. Independently from length and style of veil chosen by the bride, she will look fine on a high day.

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