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Choosing a wedding veil which will successfully complement your holiday appearance

To make the bride look really like a bride, she must choose her special dress and a veil matching it. This accessory is able to turn every girl into a real stylish bride and make her even more beautiful. However, unfortunately, it is not always possible to combine the right veil with the right dress, so the whole wedding look may be impaired due to this.

How to choose a wedding veil to suit your holiday look?

ElenaMorar, the company-manufacturer of wedding veils, offers several tips that will help each girl to combine the wedding dress of any style with a veil. Sometimes it happens so that the wedding dress is sold without this popular wedding accessory or that the veil which is offered together with a dress does not meet of the bride's requirements. In both cases, it is necessary to take care of this element and purchase the one which will be suitable for all parameters.

  1. Length and splendor of the veil. This question can be solved by the design and style of the wedding dress. In case if you have a bouffant outfit with a long skirt, you can safely take a long veil of a bold shape, which, as a rule, is made of veiling. If the dress is narrow or short, then you need to search for a short and not too wide veil.
  2. Material and style. In this respect shade matters. Pay attention that the pale cream dress and the white veil or vice versa do not match. This will definitely affect the bride's style. Also, the fabric should approximate any used for the wedding dress.
  3. Ways to get a perfect veil. If you made your wedding dress in the atelier, you can ask the seamstress to make a wedding veil in the same style. Also be sure to pay attention to the boutiques that buy veils wholesale from the manufacturer in Chernovtsy in order to offer buyers a good selection.

ElenaMorar, the manufacturer of wedding veils in the city of Chernovtsy, offers all entrepreneurs to visit our official website and view collections of beautiful and stylish veils that will surely please your future customers.

ElenaMorar, the company specialized in the production of wedding dresses and accessories, is pleased to present to all its regular and new customers a collection of marvelous and delicate bridal veils. Our production is designed for wholesale buyers, therefore, in most cases, we offer to buy wholesale veils at affordable prices, but, as an exception, we can also make a retail individual order.  

What trends are prevalent in the new collection of veils from ElenaMorar?

Two-tiered veils of medium length with original edging. This collection includes models that have minimalistic edging in the form of a narrow or wide ribbon of color in tone of the product. And also with the original lace edging, with edging in the form of flowers, with inconspicuous edging in the form of beads and pebbles.

Long veils down to the floor and longer without additional ornaments from quality material that falls well and shimmers in the sun.

Pay particular attention to the model F-16-024. It is made of high-quality guipure from European manufacturers. Veil is perfect for a vintage style wedding, as it carries a touch of antiquity and elegance. Among all the veils of 2016 from us, this model is the most unusual and will suit romantic, but at the same time extravagant brides. This model is the highlight of the collection.

We also should mention the two models from the 2016 collection of slightly more than the average length – these are F-16-010 and F-16-012. The first of them is a gentle and refined model with a wide application all round, which will suit gentle and romantic people. The second is a strict sophistication that appeals to courageous girls with a great sense of style. 

You can order veils wholesale from this collection in two popular wedding colors – classic white and delicate ivory. All the veils of our production are equipped with convenient fasteners for hairpins and hairpins that will be useful for hairdressers to provide secure fixation of the veil on any type of bride's hairdress. 

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