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Published on 8 JUNE 2017

Wedding dresses and accessories wholesale

Modern image of the bride includes style, harmony and beauty, so it is not enough to buy only a wedding dress. In order to achieve a stunning effect, you need to correctly pick up jewelry for it.

Published on 13 APRIL 2017

Wholesale wedding bijouterie for a bride

How to make bridal image really perfect?

Modern world of wedding fashion is really rich of different wedding dresses of various cuts and colors. Some brides get lost among all offers of wedding dresses in a time of choosing the best kinds of ideal bridal dress, which has to become the general element of the most important event in life. 

Published on 24 APRIL 2017

Wedding dresses in online store

Wedding dress at all times was treated in a special way, because it is not just beautiful clothes, but the outfit in which a girl enters a new life. And it is no surprise that brides are preparing to this day for several months.

Published on 30 MARCH 2017

We've started to cooperate with the YKK Group

The Elena Morar Company always tries to improve the product quality by the production optimizing, involvement of experienced professionals and purchase of quality materials.