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27 AUGUST 2015

Find the right banquet hall for themed weddings - no easy matter. Institutions for celebration endowed with its own style, which is not always suited to the selected dekorau. For example, the couple plan to create poluvozdushnuyu wedding in pastel colors, and a banquet hall hang bulky crystal chandeliers that are more consistent with Damascus style.

The main thing - do not despair, and a few armfuls of fragrant flowers to quickly remedy the situation.

Pale pink roses, white peonies, hydrangea and sprigs of evergreens - that the material from which to create a masterpiece. Depending on the shape and location of the hanging chandeliers lens (vertically hanging or create a dome) zadekoriruyte plants basic metal frame. It must give the impression that the strings are a continuation of crystal flower arrangement, and not vice versa. Due to the mild absorption of flowers glare glass chandelier parts will not reflect too harsh electrical glare. The shadows of the petals will be free to roam the walls of the banquet hall, create an atmosphere of mystery and comfort.