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9 OCTOBER 2015

After a number of years, the wedding fashion changes every time become stronger. Sometimes something that was so popular in the past can be now almost strange. Beauty is many-sided thing and every person has different opinion about it. That means that some things, which are fashionable now could be ugly at least 100 years ago.

What changes has been in the wedding fashion during 100 years?

The changes are very strong. One hundred years ago maybe nobody could not know that nowadays short wedding dresses will be very popular. Another thing that was not popular 100 years ago is a breeding-dress with bare shoulders. However, nowadays such model of the wedding dress is very attractive for many brides.

Far away in 1915 the wedding dresses, which our great-grandmothers put on were much different from the actual models.

Without fall women had to put on long breeding-dress, which covered, almost all body from legs to the neck. There was another fashionable thing. Woman put on precious brooch on the neck that meant the position in society. Every girl had opaque white gloves on the hands. At that time there was only one ability to buy wedding dress for the wedding. Only dressmakers made them for every woman particularly.

In the 1930s, the fashion changed when soviet government came to power. Wedding dresses became more discreet and poor. At that time, young brides wore simple white long dresses, which were decorated with simple forest flowers. With this, they put on white soviet tights and simple sandals, which was not an original thing.  All this showed clearly, that woman is shy and clear.

There was only two ways to buy a wedding dress for a wedding day. The first one is to find rare wedding shop, which sold breeding-dresses. Another one is to sew it in the wedding atelier.

In the post-war 1950s, in some parts of the Soviet Union there was real shortage of the breading-dresses. Some women used the wedding dresses of their mothers or elder sisters. The economics of great country started to grow and even at that time fashion made serious corrections.

In the end of 1950s, women started to make more refined wedding fashionable mode. They put on beautiful veil, made glorious hairstyle and bought fine flowers.

In prosperous 1970s every soviet bride chose typical soviet white dress. It was rather puffy with long veil. They also started to use some wedding accessories, like earrings, clips and white beads. All people could buy wedding dress in special soviet shops. 

In 1990s when Soviet Union collapsed, the fashion in Russia changed dramatically. The American types of breeding-dress became the most popular. In that time, every bride could buy wedding dress in the market, which were full of different goods from Europe and other countries.

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