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12 OCTOBER 2015

Staff that can make the bride’s appearance more perfect is called wedding accessories. When women use such things for wedding they can lay stress to the some details of bride-dress or make it more beautiful.

Common wedding accessories can be quite different. Wedding belts, bridal veil, bag of bride, wedding gloves, costume jewelry, charming wedding diadem and many other things go to the category of wedding accessories.

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However, some couples did the impossible and made the most special wedding accessories, which made their wedding really unusual.

Wedding accessory, which was made for wedding of the black couple from the Texas State, became the most popular in the Internet. It was a delicious wedding cake in the form of a clone of the bride. For making this cake cookers have spent about 200 eggs and 7 litters of liqueur.

Confectioners designed precise copy of a woman, who was a bride of that wedding. They made a copy of woman’s face and a color of her skin. Therefore, a cake looked exactly like double of a bride. Perhaps groom loved his woman so much that he wanted to eat her straight on their wedding.

Furthermore, another couple made special wedding accessories in Australia too.  As everyone knows, bride’s veil is a symbol of her purity and chastity. However, a degree of purity and chastity of Australian woman was without limit. The length of her veil was about 3 km and its weight was about 150 kg.

She could not drag such heavy accessory by herself and about 750 people helped her to carry it well. The wedding was quite enormous because all that people were guests and celebrated this wedding-party brightly.

Europe couples do not keep pace with other. Before the wedding Italian baker made a sweet present for his bride. He wanted to show a power of his feelings. He cooked delicious wedding dress, which consisted of the thousands of pastries. That was not all and groom cooked delicious wedding accessories too. Italian baker made bunch of flowers, wedding diadem and necklace from the caramel sugar. It was really sweet wedding.

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