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14 OCTOBER 2015

This story is about my friend, who wanted to marry with a young businessman from Dnipropetrovsk. She could not choose a beautiful wedding dress and worried about this a lot. Her future husband earns good money because of doing good business. 

This couple wanted to do VIP wedding with all high class elements. They rented the most expensive location for the wedding and invited high-experienced cooker from Russia. In addition, they ordered to bake an enormous wedding cake with the photos of bride and groom.

However, the one thing was hard for them. It was to choose a beautiful wedding dress. My friend consulted with her groom and he insisted on buying the dress abroad. There are certainly many places, where every bride can buy dress for wedding in Ukraine and Russia. Nevertheless, couple made decision to buy expensive one in Europe.

It turns out that many tourist agencies propose for their customers special tours for buying wedding dresses in Milan. During the one week, pressing visa was made for the couple and they left to the Spain for the shopping.

Russian-speaking guide who showed them the way to the different wedding shops met them in the airport. In some way, a big number of those shops sold expensive dresses only. Nevertheless, groom had enough money to buy expensive bride-dress. While of choosing wedding dress a couple found, some dresses which were made in Ukraine. According to the cheaper production the wedding dresses from Ukraine were 500 euro cheaper than models made in Spain, France, Great Britain and other countries.

The average price of European dresses went from 1500 to 3000 euro. However, the price of Ukrainian wedding dresses was from 999 euro and more cheaply in case of buying in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, my friend and her groom chose a model from Spain, which cost about 1750 euro. They have chosen a beautiful dress in a style of “Mermaid” decorated with fur cloak.  This dress suited brilliant with her white shoes. The only thing, which was corrected, is a length of the bride-dress. After that in some hours, all was good and a couple returned to Dnipropetrovsk.

The first trouble happened when my friend had found the same dress in the Spanish e-shop. The price of it was about 40% cheaper than in Milan.

During the wedding, bride-dress was very uncomfortable for the bride and in the end of the celebrating it was a bit damaged.

In some weeks my friend found in Internet the similar dress from Elena Morar. The price of this model is rather cheaper – only 600 euro.

Nowadays everyone can make his or her conclusions. In Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan everyone can buy dresses for wedding too. Enter Elena Morar’s e-shop and choose qualitative and accessible wedding model for your wedding.