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19 OCTOBER 2015

Every wedding shop for doing good business should co-operate with good suppliers of wedding goods. Every time all good suppliers have to supply their goods in profitable conditions. Nowadays the market of wedding goods is developed strongly in Russia.

Only in Moscow, every person can find about 5000 of wedding shops, 8 big markets with different wedding goods and two large wholesale markets, where suppliers can buy in bulk wedding dresses for doing business with other customers.

First time wedding dresses from Elena Morar appeared in Russia 5 years ago. In 2010, all models of wedding dresses were sold quickly in several Moscow wedding shops. At that moment, we proposed our bride-dresses for customers cheaper than other manufacturers of wedding goods in Russia. However, it was not easy to become the first wedding manufacture in that time.

All suppliers of wedding dresses in Russia are working in the conditions of hard competition now. Therefore, other manufactures propose for the customers of Russia different interesting trade propositions, sales and special offers.

However, the good quality and creative design, which our specialist used in all wedding dresses went it for a big number of demanding Russian brides. 

The results for our company appeared in 3 years. In 2013 the number of wedding shops, which sold wedding dresses from Elena Morar increased up to 700 shops.

This was a great achievement for our company. For that moment Elana Morar became one of the seven best manufactures of wedding dresses in Russia.

However, it was not a strong reason to stop in such progress. The mission of Elena Morar was to create a high-quality new collection of wedding dresses, which could satisfy requirements of all Russian brides. We analyzed the offers of other suppliers of wholesale trades of wedding dresses in Russia and other countries. 

After that, the designers of our team produced revolutionary collection of bride-dresses. In this fashion line of wedding dresses our team considered all types of woman’s figures, wishes and fashion trends.

From the 2014 and until nowadays Elena Morar became the best manufacturers of wedding production in Russia and we do not stop. For your attention, we presented the newest collection of wedding dresses of 2016 in our official website.

We collected all comments and desires of Russian women to be the best manufacturer of wedding dresses in Russia for a long time.