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23 OCTOBER 2015

Every year Elena Morar’s Company does big efforts to create qualitative wedding dresses for our women. We do this great job to make every our customer satisfied with our wedding production.

Our purpose is to make contented every woman, who chooses wedding dresses from Elena Morar.

So from what consists the process of producing wedding dresses for our collections?

In the start for making fashionable and qualitative bride-dresses our fashion analysts deeply analyze world fashion markets. The mission of these colleagues of our team is very important. From their work depends the success of the future new wedding collection from Elena Morar.

All our fashion analysts every day analyze thousands photos, hundreds fashion videos and read a big number of statements from world fashion reporters. Only such information helps to know fashion trends of new wedding season.

After receiving and analyzing all data our fashion experts make special report about the orientations of the new wedding fashion period. Based on this information our experienced and creative designers start to make sketches of new wedding dresses. All colleagues who work in the design department use all their skills, creativity and special ideas to create beautiful bride-dresses for women who are ready to become brides.

After that when a new wedding collection will be approved a new period starts – needlework of wedding dresses.

In the start of this new process, we define what number of tissues and accessories we need to make all that production. After solving this task, we lay in supplies all materials. Elena Morar’s team uses in all our collections only qualitative tissues and accessories. Because of that, the quality of our production is very high. Our wedding dresses compete well with other wedding production from other companies from Europe.

When we receive all our tissues, we start creating a new collection of wedding dresses immediately. More than 1000 people work every day to make new wedding collection of wedding dresses in a short time. At least 50% of whole work we do by hand. It allows us to get qualitative dresses with a small percent of defective production.

When the new fashion collection of wedding dresses is ready, it appears on the official website. In our e-shop, everyone can look for all our production and buy wedding dresses from the new collection. After that, the new collection appears in wedding shops and other wedding markets.

As you see Elena Morar’s team does great efforts to make your style on your wedding glorious!