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27 OCTOBER 2015

At the moment prices for wedding dresses every time change in countries of CIS. They depend from the rate of national exchange, which all time vary during 2014-2015. Because of that, some women could not buy across this period, wedding dresses, which they planned to put on for their celebration.

This happened because of the prices growing.

The second serious reason is careless pricing policy of companies, which produce and sell wedding production in the countries of CIS. Elena Morar Company presents flexible pricing policy for our customers, who buy our wedding production in wholesale or retail mode. We set prices and do not change them with new values of national exchange. All customers, who usually buy wholesale wedding dresses with prices on official website, have many advantages. 

The prices strongly depend from the number of dresses, which you offer in our e-shop. Our wholesale customers are getting cheaper price with ordering a big number of wedding production. Such conditions help every wedding shop to receive our qualitative wedding goods with good prices. If we sell our wedding dresses with good price for wedding shops, they will propose our production for women profitably.

Elena Morar Company thoroughly watches for pricing policy of our partners, which sell our wedding production. We produce all our dresses from high qualitative European tissues. Although that does not mean that, our production must be expensive. Our market experts are watching for the prices of Elena Morar’s wedding dresses that are put in unofficial shops, wedding markets and in the Internet.

If the price is higher than should be according to our price standards, we stop the co-operation with our partner. Wedding dresses from Elena Morar have to be accessible for every woman. This is the one of the most important aims of our company.

Everyone can see the official wholesale prices for wedding dresses from the manufacturer on our official website. We will be glad to start co-operation with every businessman.

You should remember about mid-seasonal sales, which Elena Morar proposes for all customers. In case of visiting such sale, every client has an ability to order wedding dresses with special wholesale or retail price. You can receive amazing discounts up to 70%.

We always take care about our customers. Elena Morar Company want to be close to every woman and because of that, we deny high prices for our wedding production.