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29 OCTOBER 2015

Nowadays there are many customers, who look for wedding dresses for favorable price. Every year there was many buyers relating to this type. However, during the last years the number of women, who want to save money in a process of buying wedding dress, grew dramatically.

Wedding dresses from Elena Morar are relating to the wedding production of middle and high class. Nevertheless, Elena Morar every time gives a good ability to buy in bulk wedding dresses with the cheapest price. It will help to sale them with good retail prices in wedding shops or markets. Let us analyze the prices for wedding production of Elena Morar.


Elena Morar produces wedding dresses with high European quality standards and with using of tissues from the best European producers. However, the price for the bride-dresses goes from $60 to $205 for wholesale customers. Surely, the value of one wedding model depends on the style of a dress, type of furniture and the size of knitwear. As a rule, big sizes of wedding dresses are a little bit more expensive than other ones because of using a big number of tissues.

The wholesale prices are not high, but our retail partners set big price markup. That makes wedding dresses in wedding shops and markets more expensive and even inaccessible for some women. To receive cheap retail price Elena Morar makes special wholesale sales for our customers. Every year we propose for everyone special sales with wedding dresses from the previous collections and every owner of wedding shop has a good chance to buy cheaply wedding dresses in bulk for doing business. Every customer can take a part in such sales in the time of Christmas Eve, when in the end of old wedding season new wedding collections appear in the world wedding market. At this time old wedding collections become outdated and everyone is waiting for new trends of a new fashio season.

These sales consist of big number of different wedding dresses and every customer can find something interesting for selling in the shop. Discounts are really great and they can reach up to 70% off! That means the good time came for buying qualitative, cheap wedding dresses in bulk for doing retail realization. Such wedding production will be very cheap in the retail wedding shops and every woman, who wants to economize, can use this chance.

Every bride, who doesn’t want to wait for a special time of sales, has another chance. Every bride can go to a great wedding mall or market where sellers have wedding clothes which didn’t sell from 2010-2013. As a rule such wedding dresses are selling with a big discounts and every bride will be able to find something interesting for herself with a good price. Elena Morar Company every time things about clients and will declare about sales additionally.