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11 NOVEMBER 2015

In May of 2015 in Moscow opened the first Moscow exhibit of wedding accessories. On this interesting event were showed a big number of various wedding production. Exhibit complex «Expo Centre» has never seen such quantity of the wedding production, which can make every wedding more fascinating.

About 30 000 of Muscovites visited this event over three days. Every customer usually can buy wedding accessories in bulk visiting special wedding shops and markets only. However, such markets cannot propose so good choice. Organizers of the exhibition divided wedding accessories for the several groups. Every customer had to spend the whole day to see almost all. 

Accessories for photo sessions and decor is the first big zone of Moscow exhibition. At this zone, everybody could find and buy sets for wedding photo sessions, wooden colorful women and men names, racks, wedding emblems, accessories for congratulations and beautiful numbers for banquet tables. Every customer of this zone had a good ability to buy this stuff with a good price and to be prepared for the future wedding celebration. 

After the passing of the first zone, every visitor entered to the second interesting area of the exhibition. This was a zone of textile materials and decoration stuff. Those people who like to do different handmade production appreciated this part of exhibition at its true value. It was a good place for creating new handmade things and making creative ideas. Here everyone could buy various wedding tissues for making wedding decorations. There are many kinds of wedding tissues were available such as tulle, netting, organza, lace and different types of ribbons. The special gluing equipment was available too. 

Moreover, counters were full of different types of textile furniture such as rhinestones, stones, weddings doves and other original production.

Not less interesting, was a zone of with wedding accessories with a stuff of bride’s and groom’s style. Every woman received a good chance to choose a style of the wedding flower bouquet and to select a handbag, a veil, a diadem, a bolero or wedding cloaks.

Organizers paid additional attention for the wedding dresses. Elena Morar Company had a good opportunity to propose wedding production in the area of wedding dresses. During the wedding Moscow exhibition, Elena Morar sold a big number of wedding dresses from the latest collections.

Specialists from the Elena Morar Company helped to select different wedding accessories to the wedding dresses for making perfect wedding style. Many businesspersons bought wedding accessories in bulk in Moscow for retail sales. Many Elena Morar’s customers liked a lot this event.

According for the latest analyses, the wedding production from Elena Morar gains prestige of Russian people from year to year.