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30 NOVEMBER 2015

In a process of creating, the bride’s wedding style, every woman and her stylist select an individual admission of wedding objects that can make every girl completely fascinating.

They choose thoroughly various wedding clothing and accessories, which will be suitable for every bride. For example, in addition to the wedding dress, stylists add wedding belts, costume jewelry, diadems and hoops, bangles, gold and silver ware, wedding fancy-bags, etc.

Also all brides have to select make-up, footgear, haircut and wedding manicure and pedicure. However, there are other uncommon wedding decorations, which can make every bride very attractive and special during the completely all wedding period.

Wedding tattoo is one the most popular uncommon wedding decorations for the brides

It is the best way to make reminding about the day of the wedding for all life. During the last years, using of tattoos became very popular among the married couples. As a rule, both of them order some beautiful image for a tattoo in some part of the body, because of strong feelings. Although, tattoo can be used not only for the memories. Almost all women thing about tattoo for a long time before the wedding time. They order tattoo, which will enlarge all wedding style and will make the bride really beautiful. Therefore, every woman tries to choose qualitative and stylish wedding dress to combine it with beautiful tattoo. First, every bride chooses open cut of the wedding dress and then makes tattoo in the open space of the body in two months before the wedding period.

However, some brides don’t want to make tattoo image for a whole life on their bodies. In such case, they choose tattoos from henna or other natural colorants, which will disappear in some time. This will be the ideal way to look brilliantly during the wedding time and not to go across the painful process of making tattoo. 

What kind of wedding tattoos married couples choose before the wedding?

The most popular are wedding tattoos, which consist of the two parts. That means that the bride orders one part for a tattoo and the groom makes another on his body. Such tattoos look very symbolical, because only two parts together will make the image real. If bride chooses tattoo to make her wedding style more brilliant, she will pay attention for images of birds, flowers, butterflies, patterns and other stylized compositions. 

If you want to be completely impressive on your wedding party, you would think about the creation of fascinating and extraordinary tattoo.