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15 MARCH 2016

If a bride wants to look like a real pop star on the wedding party, she has to analyze wedding fashion of the real world pop stars and look over their fashionable wedding dresses.

Elena Morar Company has already analyzed several beautiful wedding dresses of the most famous world celebrities and we are ready to share with you this information.

Five of the most famous and beautiful celebrities in their fashionable wedding dresses

It has happened! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have already married after a long years of living without wedlock. This starry couple has six children, who were the most general guests of the wedding celebration. The most famous world company “Versace” produced Angelina’s wedding dress. There were many childish drawings printed on the wedding dress and it was completely uncommon, but beautiful.

The most forthcoming wedding of The United Kingdom was held in 2011, when Kate Middleton and prince William celebrated their wedding. This wedding made glad many women with fascinating wedding dress, which Kate has chosen for herself. Certainly, Royal Family could not allow making celebration with simple democratic wedding dress. Therefore, Kate received very luxurious and fascinating wedding dress with decoration of lace and long wedding train. Under the veil, Kate put on impressive tiara of British Princess.

World famous pop singer Fergie celebrated her wedding in 2009. At that time skinny narrowed wedding dresses, which defined a figure of bride were the most popular and fashionable. Fergie listened to the most popular fashion trends and chose exactly such type of the bridal dress. Her attire widened her waist below. This dress defined her excellent figure brilliantly. Her impressive haircut made her wedding style almost perfect.

Another pop singer Gwen Stefani married in 2002. At that moment, she did not want to look like the other starry brides. Therefore, she ordered uncommon bridal dress from John Galliano. That fluffy wedding dress smoothly changed the color from white to the purple. That made a bride unusual and attractive.

As for Natalie Portman, she decided to celebrate very modest and family wedding. She chose simple and tender wedding dress with the length under knees. Her beautiful flowing hair was decorated with simple, but pretty flower diadem. That made her style very natural and impressive.

Finally, sometimes, you should not take someone as a model to look fascinating and beautiful on your own wedding celebration.