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1 JUNE 2016

Summer is the best time for organizing marriage ceremony for many couples from all over the world. During warm summer days, a couple can hold their ceremony outside on nature or even on picturesque place on seaside.

Surely, you will not worry that a weather will be too cold for good wedding photosession and flowery bouquet will not fade and lost its beautiful view from bad autumn weather. 

One more advantage of a marriage ceremony, which will be held in summer period, is a big assortment of open and light bridal dresses. Each bride will be able to choose the best one for figure and for general wedding style. 

Hot summer

Everyone should know that summertime is rather hot period and each bride will not feel herself good in process of wearing all types of wedding dresses. Remember, that you should choose a dress with a low level of synthetic materials. These types of materials will cause many uncomfortable moments. Your skin will not breath and many nasty spots from sweat can appear on you bridal dress. Satin and silk are very uncomfortable materials for hot summer weather too.

A dress with corset can be unsuccessful for summer heat. This part of wedding dress can emphasize your bust and make your waist thin. However, it can make subconscious state of each bride if a corset is very tight. 

Try to choose a bridal dress for summer, which will not envelop places of great discharge of sweat. For example, armpits, waist zone and middle of bosom. Long sleeves will be completely not useful for a bride, especially if marriage ceremony will be held outside on the sun. Please, think better about special cape for evening, if a weather will be windy or cool. 

Please use organdy, muslin, chiffon, organza, cotton and dress cuts with short and narrow skirts to feel yourself comfortable. Greek style of wedding dress will be very suitable for summer wedding celebration. A-line style will look very smart and make each bride a real goddess.

Please think about your body breathing during wedding ceremony. In such case, you will remember only good moments of this important day. If cut of your wedding dress is very closed and a weather hot, you receive many different disadvantages. 

If your bridal dress has open back or very deep decollate, please take care about good level of your suntan. It has to be quite uniform. White lags, which can appear on body have to be imperceptible, because they can make your appearance worse. 

A place of wedding ceremony holding will play a great role in a process of choosing the most suitable wedding dress for summer celebration. However, if your wedding celebration will be held inside a building with conditioning system, you can use all types of wedding dresses. Using of corsets and synthetic materials will not be prohibited too. Nevertheless, if your wedding holiday will last on open space outside in midday time, nothing will not help a bride to avoid hot air. 

Please think about short types of bridal dresses and light, open festive shoes, which will be very useful for a bride. In such case, each woman will be able to demonstrate to all guest her beautiful and suntanned feet. Lightness, simplicity and aerial dress cuts will be suitable almost for all brides. The most beautiful adornment on wedding celebration will not be a wedding dress, but the most beautiful will be an image and beauty of a bride, who will feel herself free.

Bridal dresses with long decollate and open back will be suitable not for all brides. Please, test many cuts of wedding dresses and choose the best one, which will be the most comfortable for you.  Remember, that a beauty can be easy connected with comfort, even in stylish and fashionable bridal dress of your dream.