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3 JUNE 2016

Each woman has her own tastes, preferences and only she can say clear, what kind of wedding dress she wants. However, each bridal dress symbolizes purity, innocence and tenderness of a bride.

Elena Morar Company offers high-quality and fashionable wedding dresses by small wholesale with attractive prices. In our e-shop catalogue, you will be able to choose different cuts of bridal dresses. We offer classical fluffy wedding dresses and original models, which will give an opportunity to each client to look unusual and special.

Wedding fashion masterpieces by Elena Morar

Everyone can choose different cuts of wedding dresses from all choice that we offer. Please choose interesting variants, such as A-line. On the first sight it would be a simple kind of bridal dress, but lilac wedding belt will make it interesting and unusual. This technique is used for other models too. We added to different models some original bows, flowery prints and brooches, which will emphasize you and your wedding style. Other dress cuts are presented in a wide range of our production. These are smart fluffy dresses with corset, glass beads adornments, macrame, fancywork and also bridal dresses of “Marmaid” style, which will demonstrate your figure in the best way. A model with a long dress tail is popular too. Pay attention on chic wedding belt from lace and open feet, which will look gorgeous.

All our wedding dresses were made from high quality materials. We also buy the best import furniture for making really beautiful decorations. We understand that it will impossible to create an exclusive wedding dress from cheap and low-quality materials.

Advantages of small wholesale buying of wedding dresses

Many brides think that each bridal dress has to be unique. Therefore, we offer you to buy wedding dresses by small wholesale for your wedding stores and salons. If you have a small wedding salon, you will rate well an opportunity of small wholesale buying. 

We know that our bridal dress by Elena Morar will make your store’s glass cases impressive. Our wedding goods will be suitable for large wedding stores and small boutiques, because we offer to each owner small or common wholesale deals. We support an effective system of delivering of our production to each client with different number of models. We are interested in starting of good co-operation with everyone.