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3 JUNE 2016

Each future bride has to look fascinating on her wedding celebration. She has to be not worse as a real princess from fairy-tale. Many different wedding stores and salons from all over the world are ready to make this dream come true.

Each small accessory, which can be added to a bridal dress, can be the final touch of making an ideal bridal image. Each woman has to make many efforts to look really great.

Branded wedding dresses from Elena Morar Company becoming more popular and actual for fashionable women from many countries of CIS. A big range of wedding and evening dresses that everybody can see in many wedding stores and many beautiful accessories will make an image of each lady stylish and fashionable. An official website of Elena Morar Company gives to all clients full information not only about dresses and accessories for them, but also about a process of making a wholesale order. This data is available for representatives of wedding stores. 

Each season differs from each other with different tendencies in world of wedding fashion. Fashion industry does not stand on the same place and one type of wedding dresses changes another type. Some brides prefer fluffy skirts and elegant corsets, which will emphasize well their graceful figures. Other women prefer bridal dresses “Marmaid”, which will envelop their figures and show their beauty. Bulky lace is very popular too, if it will be suitable for wedding style. Beautiful adornments will be very important elements for big number of brides. For example, gorgeous diadem will make from each bride a real princess.

Elena Morar Company offers a big choice of diadems, which were created by hand. Each bride can choose for herself different types of adornments that will be the most suitable for her style. She can choose adornments with jewels or flowers. Nowadays, ethnic Slavic prints and embroidery are very popular. You can choose a beautiful diadem by Elena Morar with this art for your wedding style. 

Wedding salons, which choose co-operation with popular company Elena Morar, have already gave many positive responses about wedding collections, which were rated high by their clients. If you want to see a new collection of wedding and evening dresses from our company, please go to our official website, where you will be able to see all new models. 

Once, when you will make an order of wedding dresses from Elena Morar, you will see that clients will like a majority of goods from our company, which will be very suitable for wedding celebrations and other festive events. Our company tries to create the most fashionable wedding dresses and uses the best textile materials and professionals to make the best goods for you.