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13 APRIL 2017

How to make bridal image really perfect?

Modern world of wedding fashion is really rich of different wedding dresses of various cuts and colors. Some brides get lost among all offers of wedding dresses in a time of choosing the best kinds of ideal bridal dress, which has to become the general element of the most important event in life. 

However, no one kind of wedding dress will not look ideal without right choosing of wedding bijouterie, which is really important. Many women know that it is not so easy to make a right choice of accessories, so it is necessary to figure out in several nuances. 

Wedding bijouterie for bride has to be chosen according to following rules of modern fashion: 

  • Unity of general style and the style of small elements. For making a good harmony between wedding dress and wedding decorations, please hold one style of your wedding image; 
  • Low neck on wedding dress plays a part for choosing of accessories. Bridal dresses with low neck of V-form can be decorated with a beautiful chain with pendent or necklace with pearls. A wedding dress without shoulder straps can be combined with different kinds necklace too.  
  • Please, consider bridal character and her appearance. If the bride likes to use different kinds of expressive bijouterie in daily life, please don’t use it in your wedding style; 
  • Wedding haircut is very important for bijouterie choosing. Different kinds of high haircuts or short hair will look really great with long kinds of earrings. However, long curls will look impressive with small earrings like drops or ament;  
  • Please consider a color of wedding dress, because it is really important. Notice, classical white dress can be combined greatly with silver, crystals or white pearls, which will look really gorgeous. However, ivory wedding dresses will look impressive with golden bijouterie.

As we see, bijouterie choosing is not so easy to do. Therefore, all wedding salons have to make wholesale orders of different kinds of bijouterie for offering it for their clients. All consultants should have a great assortment, which will give a great opportunity to offer to each client something really interesting. Moreover, wholesale wedding bijouterie is very profitable and comfortable for each wedding salon owner. Owner will be able to buy in internet all required decorations with the most profitable prices and not to spend time for searches of the best wedding goods, which will satisfy their clients. 

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