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8 JUNE 2017

Modern image of the bride includes style, harmony and beauty, so it is not enough to buy only a wedding dress. In order to achieve a stunning effect, you need to correctly pick up jewelry for it.

For the consultants of your boutiques to have something to offer your customers, you should buy wedding dresses and accessories wholesale for your boutiques, as it is convenient and profitable.


Wedding accessories are an opportunity to reveal the bride's individuality and uniqueness


The first thing to choose is an adornment for your head. Some young ladies do not want to back away from tradition and choose a veil that not only adorns, but also protects from evil spirits, if you believe the legends. Others prefer to make an eye-popping hairstyle and complement it with a diadem, wreath or rim.

Then follows the selection of jewelry, which should be in harmony with the dress, appearance and character of the bride. In most cases it will be delicate ornamented jewelry emphasizing the beauty of the wedding dress, but if a young lady prefers massive every day jewelry, then it will be reasonable to buy something like this for a wedding.

Then pay attention to handbags, gloves, bridal bouquets. As for the latter, it is an obligatory attribute of the bride's look, and a handbag with gloves are used optionally, at bride's request. It all depends on what she wants to get finally: image of a luxurious princess for a luxurious event or a flirty fashionista look for a party in a tight circle.

As for the owners of boutiques, wedding dresses, accessories wholesale should be purchased in many variations, because dresses of simple cut match massive decorations, and outfits with chic decor are better to be complemented by something small and elegant. 

As we see, selection of wedding accessories for a dress is a real science, so it's a luck for a customer to find and buy everything in one place.

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