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Published on 3 JUNE 2016

Buying wedding dresses by small wholesale

Each woman has her own tastes, preferences and only she can say clear, what kind of wedding dress she wants. However, each bridal dress symbolizes purity, innocence and tenderness of a bride.

Published on 15 MARCH 2016

The Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses of the World Stars

If a bride wants to look like a real pop star on the wedding party, she has to analyze wedding fashion of the real world pop stars and look over their fashionable wedding dresses.

Published on 1 JUNE 2016

Choosing a bridal dress for summer wedding celebration

Summer is the best time for organizing marriage ceremony for many couples from all over the world. During warm summer days, a couple can hold their ceremony outside on nature or even on picturesque place on seaside.

Published on 10 DECEMBER 2015

Hot Sales from Elena Morar. It is Time to Buy Wedding Dresses in Bulk before New Wedding Season Will Start

Before the New Year, it is time to sum up old year and old wedding season at all. Moreover, season of hot wedding sales is starting and every customer has a good opportunity to buy in bulk some wedding dresses for salons, which will sell well.