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Published on 2 DECEMBER 2015

How to Organize Joyful and Unforgettable Girls' Night Out before the Wedding Celebration?

Girls' night out party is one of the rare moments, when every bride can relax with her bridesmaids and friends before the wedding celebration will start. However, nobody cannot say, that hen party before the wedding can be only like a time for relax.

Published on 11 NOVEMBER 2015

Moscow Exhibit of Wedding Accessories

In May of 2015 in Moscow opened the first Moscow exhibit of wedding accessories. On this interesting event were showed a big number of various wedding production. Exhibit complex «Expo Centre» has never seen such quantity of the wedding production, which can make every wedding more fascinating.

Published on 30 NOVEMBER 2015

Wedding Tattoos Have Become One of the Most Popular Ways to Make Bride’s Wedding Style Fascinating

In a process of creating, the bride’s wedding style, every woman and her stylist select an individual admission of wedding objects that can make every girl completely fascinating.

Published on 3 NOVEMBER 2015

Elena Morar invites customers to do beneficial shopping of wedding production in the e-shop

In a process of the developing of new technologies all world has changed. People started to change books to computers. Children are playing virtual games instead of childish sports. Furthermore, housewives make all orders in the Internet with delivery instead of going across numerous shops and doing shopping.