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Published on 29 OCTOBER 2015

When does the time of good discounts for wedding dresses start?

Nowadays there are many customers, who look for wedding dresses for favorable price. Every year there was many buyers relating to this type. However, during the last years the number of women, who want to save money in a process of buying wedding dress, grew dramatically.

Published on 27 OCTOBER 2015

Elena Morar Supports Good Prices for All Wedding Production

At the moment prices for wedding dresses every time change in countries of CIS. They depend from the rate of national exchange, which all time vary during 2014-2015. Because of that, some women could not buy across this period, wedding dresses, which they planned to put on for their celebration.

Published on 28 OCTOBER 2015

What Can You Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding?

Nowadays many brides are trying to economize on buying the wedding dress for the celebration. Most of them think that they will use their wedding clothing only one time in life.

Published on 23 OCTOBER 2015

How Do We Create The Qualitative Wedding Dresses for Our Customers?

Every year Elena Morar’s Company does big efforts to create qualitative wedding dresses for our women. We do this great job to make every our customer satisfied with our wedding production.