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Published on 21 OCTOBER 2015

Three things That Can Show Reliability of Wholesale Dealer of Wedding Dresses

Many businesspersons who have a big number of wedding shops and other trade points are looking for a reliable wholesale dealer.

Published on 14 OCTOBER 2015

Are Expensive Wedding Dresses Advantageous for Ukrainian People? Check the Truth.

This story is about my friend, who wanted to marry with a young businessman from Dnipropetrovsk. She could not choose a beautiful wedding dress and worried about this a lot. Her future husband earns good money because of doing good business. 

Published on 19 OCTOBER 2015

Elena Morar Has Become The One of The Biggest Supplier of Wedding Dresses In Russia. The History of Success

Every wedding shop for doing good business should co-operate with good suppliers of wedding goods. Every time all good suppliers have to supply their goods in profitable conditions. Nowadays the market of wedding goods is developed strongly in Russia.

Published on 14 OCTOBER 2015

The new collection of wedding dresses and Autumn Surprise! Very soon!

We have for you some very good news! The most important of these is the announcement of the new autumn collection of wedding gowns, which will be released at the end of October.