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Published on 12 OCTOBER 2015

Unusual Wedding Accessories, Which Made Weddings Popular In Internet

Staff that can make the bride’s appearance more perfect is called wedding accessories. When women use such things for wedding they can lay stress to the some details of bride-dress or make it more beautiful.

Published on 9 OCTOBER 2015

The Changes of The Wedding Fashion In Russia During The XX Century

After a number of years, the wedding fashion changes every time become stronger. Sometimes something that was so popular in the past can be now almost strange. Beauty is many-sided thing and every person has different opinion about it. That means that some things, which are fashionable now could be ugly at least 100 years ago.

Published on 12 OCTOBER 2015

The Most Suitable Wedding Dress Depending On the Type of Woman’s Figure

The aim of every bride is to be the most beautiful on the wedding-party as well as possible. It is not a whim. This is a real responsibility, because everybody’s attention will be paid on the bride and the groom. The general thing that can make every woman completely fascinating is a beautiful breeding-dress.

Published on 27 AUGUST 2015

Wedding decor: crystal combine with flowers

Find the right banquet hall for themed weddings - no easy matter. Institutions for celebration endowed with its own style, which is not always suited to the selected dekorau. For example, the couple plan to create poluvozdushnuyu wedding in pastel colors, and a banquet hall hang bulky crystal chandeliers that are more consistent with Damascus style.