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The international certificate of origin

The certificate of Origin is a document that certifies the country of the goods origin. Generally, most countries rely on the certificate of origin issued by a government agency. It may be the Chamber of Commerce, trade partners.

The certificate of origin may be required:

  • by the customs authorities of the importing country at the time of goods clearance;
  • by banks at the conclusion of the parties foreign-trade settlement of transactions;
  • if it is envisaged by the relevant foreign trade contracts.

With the above-mentioned document, the manufacturing company will be able to freely sell their products outside the country.


The sign for goods and services

The sign for goods and services is the designation by which goods and services of one manufacturer are different from each other. These designations may be names, letters, numbers, and colors. Legal protection is provided sign, which is not contrary to:

  • the public order;
  • the principles of humanity and morality;
  • the subject to the grounds for refusal.

Registration of a mark for goods and services provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the business, its expression, and provides the conditions for its protection and development of competitiveness of goods and services not only in Ukraine but also in other countries.