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The company «Elena Morar» invites to cooperation buyers who are interested in the wholesale supply of wedding and children's dresses, Wedding fabrics and jewelry. We offer favorable conditions of cooperation, flexible payment system, efficiency of execution of orders and delivery easy implementation. 

Inviting you to cooperate with us, we are confident that, on whatever wedding dreamed bride, whatever tale she had no idea together we can make her happy, to feel unique and even surpass all the most daring and secret desires.

Cooperation with us - it is:

  • the trust;
  • a guarantee of quality of work performed;
  • terms of compliance orders.

What you need to know to wholesalers?

    • Ordering a dress, do not forget to check all of the selected attributes, such as: model number, quantity, color and size.
    • Prices are only available for those buyers who have registered on the site and went through the process of account verification.
    • The execution of the order starts immediately upon receipt of payment or issuance of the document confirming the payment of the order.
    • Term of the order manufacturing – 7-10 working days from the start of work. We askYou to consider the fact that we do not work on weekends and holidays.
    • To pick up the parcel from the courier services you need to have an ID card. In the case of its absence, Your order will not be issued.

Be careful! All claims and complaints are accepted only within 3 days after the receipt of an order.

Representative - this type of cooperation involves "open relationship", starting from the date of the first purchase and a further extension of the ability to acquire and dress for the interior at wholesale prices in any quantity from three units. Collaboration continues as long as you do not decide to go to the Exclusive or VIP-partnership, or other salon in your town does not show willingness to cooperate.


    Terms of cooperation:
  • You have the exclusive right to represent the brand Elena Morar in your city;
  • printed, electronic, video, advertising materials;
  • a priority order fulfillment;
  • accommodation details online dealer Elena Morar.


VIP-partner - this is the most intimate form of cooperation, which implies a discovery of your own bridal salon Elena Morar in your city!

Terms of cooperation for the category VIP-partner:

  • the first order - no less than 30 units, you get a discount of 5% of the wholesale price;
  • constant assortment store must be at least 30 units;
  • for the first six months to buy at least 50 wedding dresses Elena Morar each month (hereinafter the number of dresses may change);
  • a permanent 20% discount on the dress of the presence (including the first units of the new collection);
  • the exclusive right to represent the brand in your city;
  • advertising your salon (salon) with the whole Elena Morar network;
  • printed, electronic, video, advertising materials;
  • a priority order fulfillment;
  • accommodation details online dealer Elena Morar.