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Elena Morar “COMO & GARDA”
The nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Our designers took advantage of its wealth and beauty, developing the concept of the new collection 2018. COMO & GARDA - it's natural beauty, organic shapes, and natural colors. We have tried to reveal the mystery of female nature in order to better emphasize the beauty and bare real emotions.
Elena Morar \ Weddind dresses 2018
The magic of wedding dresses from the collection 2018 attracts brides with different tastes, styles, and figure types. Charming thin and dense fabrics, enchanting lush and straight silhouettes, fascinating blush and nude colors. The mystical beauty and excellent quality from Elena Morar are just impossible to resist.
Elena Morar Create art “The soul of bride”
The art of wedding dress creation is the specialization of our designers. With the great interest, they look through collections of popular world brands; with the love, they choose exclusive colors, fabrics, and prints; with the inspiration, they come up with new unusual styles and silhouettes. The Soul of Bride collection - these are dresses that reveal all the facets of femininity and beauty of a bride!
Elena Morar wedding collection 2018
The collection of wedding dresses 2018 is a splash of the imagination and your brightest fantasies. Vivid colours, different textures and unusual silhouettes. Despite the huge variety of models, each gown is unique in its own way. There is a perfect dress for every bride, which indeed will make her feel exceptional.
Wedding collection 2018 - Day 2
Every dress of the new collection 2018 enhances the beauty of the bride and makes her shine from the inside. There is no doubt in perfection and flawlessness of each silhouettes in this collection. Rich colours, luxurious decorations and exceptional designs will make every bride a queen for the day!
Elena Morar wedding collection 2018 - Backstage
Check out, how outstanding brides can look in Elena Morar dresses. Watching them leaves no doubts brides feel themselves attractive, desirable and irresistible. Their movements are light and graceful like they are real princess. As we know, it is impossible to fake these feelings, so we have no choice but to believe. And as you can see with your own eyes, Elena Morar wedding dresses make it so easy to believe in fairy tale. Also this video will lead you to the conclusion that these exact wedding dresses give brides one of the most important things – confidence!
Elena Morar History of love 2017 - Backstage
Watching the Elena Morar shooting, you see not only stunning gowns, but sincere smiles of the models. The thing is these dresses are not only beautiful, but truly comfortable as well. So, the bride can move around with ease for the whole day and does not want to take it off as soon as possible, but to keep magical feelings for longer.
Wedding collection 2017
In this new collection you can expect the following up-to-date trends: flowing fabrics, floral patterns, lush skirts and embroidered corsets. True tenderness and delicacy are hidden in those intricate shapes and lucid colours. Dresses like these make a celebration truly memorable.
Wedding collection 2017 (video-2)
New collection 2017 represents femininity at its finest. Perfect silhouettes, beautiful fabrics and unique decorations – what else can you wish for? You can be sure each wedding dress by Elena Morar fully fits this description. Each of these gowns literally a dream that became reality.
Wedding collection 2016
The romantic collection of wedding dresses 2016 – it is simply a masterpiece. It is impossible not to fall in love with a symphony of fabrics and bright decorations. This collection of wedding dresses by Elena Morar makes all cherished desires and fantasies came true, so deep feeling of love and true happiness will not leave a bride on her special day.