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Wedding Dresses

свадебные платья оптом

The main decoration of a wedding is a bride. Every guest remembers her happy smile, eyes full of love, and wedding dress. Each girl on the eve of her holiday spend all time in searching for the perfect wedding dress, which will become a symbol of a large and strong family beginning.

The main task of the «ElenaMorar» company is a development of the design and tailoring of the perfect dress. We sell wedding dresses wholesale in various salons and stores across Europe and Asia. We do it to brides all over the world were able to find their own unique dress that will perfectly emphasize all the tenderness of the bride image. Our dresses are also chosen by the most famous ladies, because our models are designed to hide figure flaws, and all the advantages, on the contrary, present in a favourable light.

Another segment, for which we try to develop tirelessly are owners of wedding salons and shops. The wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer are very profitable investment for business. Firstly, the prices are much cheaper, since we work directly and does not depend on unscrupulous dealers and distributors. Secondly, a cooperation with the manufacturer entails many advantages. For our regular customers, we have a number of discount programs, as well as the opportunity to change one model to another.

We work for a strong half of humanity too. After all, there is nothing better than seducing a girl in a wonderful dress, which, with tears of joy tells you the coveted : "yes, I love you and I agree to live with you all my life, taking care of our joint family hearth and raise our children, investing in each case all yourself and your soul to the last drop. "

We sincerely believe that all the happiness and all the joy of family life begins with the wedding dress as a main element, which symbolizes the purity of thoughts, feelings and sincerity of genuine feelings. It does not matter if the bride bought a wedding dress by couture or the dress of a series of "cheap wedding dresses wholesale". In this regard, the price does not matter. The main dress features are the neatness, beauty and love.

свадебные платья от производителя

Regarding to the wholesale customers, the cooperation with them brings us only the most positive emotions, because these people, just as we, have devoted their lives to the beauty and aesthetics. Our online resource helps to buy the wedding dresses wholesale without much effort and unnecessary searches and has been designed for it. On our site, directly in the category called "wedding dresses" are presented all the models of our dresses, divided into collections. Each client has an opportunity to see all the collection in detail. After that, you can add all the dress in the shopping cart, and after finalization of the order, you can make an online purchase. You will receive a letter in the mail with the specification of the order and the invoice, and then our sales managers will contact you and clarify all the necessary information about the preferred method of payment. Such a method of placing the order will save a lot of time that could be used for other, equally important tasks.

One more advantage of our site is the fact that we do not hide the prices of our products to all potential customers. Quite often you can find queries in search engines on the Internet by type "wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer", and browse these prices can be either registered or learn separately from consultants. We offer our customers the opportunity to download a price list in the appropriate section of the site menu. Now you can select all the wedding dresses wholesale, the price of which will be known to you.

On top of everything else, we are closely watching the fashion trends that dictate the fashion world. In modern society, the image should not be completely white at all. The most fashionable dresses of this season are in "alternative" colours: light green, "metal", beige, blue, bright peach. Alternatively, white, but with contrasting elements, such as black or red ribbon at the waist, colourful bouquet, evening handbags and other accessories. The familiar white is boring, as find our designers. Therefore, a bright, sincere, filled with light and emotion of colour we use in our wedding dresses.

We are glad to each of our new customers, and we treat them like old friends. After all, everything in our world is based on the strong links that should be maintained. We are a part of the big love holiday - the wedding, must work together, creating a real festive mood for the bride and bring into this world so much beauty and tenderness.

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