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Collection 2017 History of love

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Wedding dresses collection of 2017 called History of Love

Wedding dresses often have to correspond with wedding fashion. Nowadays, a big number of wedding experts say that fashion for thematic weddings will be saved and many people will celebrate their wedding events with using of some special topics. Therefore, a big number of wedding dresses producers try to create laconic and universal models of bridal dresses, which will be suitable to different kinds of wedding events which can be celebrated with using of different topics.

Grooms and brides, who will organize their wedding celebrations in 2017, will pay their attentions on special details, but not on bridal image. General accents of wedding industry will be changed and wedding dresses of  2017 will be only one element of the whole wedding event. However, last times all general accents of each wedding event were connected with a bridal dress. Because of that, a wedding dress made a bride a real gorgeous queen, but in 2017 bride will turn into elegant and enigmatic young girl. Moreover, it is very popular now to use much shining gold in wedding event’s elements, which will give some formality into each wedding celebration and its atmosphere. Cutout elements of decor became very popular on wedding decorations, wedding cakes and invitations as well.

Additionally, in 2017 you will be able to see many kinds of Chinese lanterns on wedding celebration. They will be hung in groups or they will cover ceiling for making an impressive dramatic effect. In addition classic iron lanterns will be used too. They will be useful for wedding celebrations, which will be made in atmosphere of old garden. These lanterns can be equipped with candles and decorated with flowers and green plants.  

Plumes will become very fashionable accessory and they will be used for decoration of flowery wedding bouquets and bridals hairpins.

Wedding theme ideas

Choosing of wedding topic will help you to solve many organization tasks and will help you create an accent on wedding of your dream. Certainly, it will create one of the most important days of your life really original. Popular thematic weddings are weddings in country style, vintage wedding celebrations, dramatic wedding events and even weddings, which are organized in fantasy style.

Wedding dresses of 2017 by Elenamorar manufacturer

New wedding dresses of 2017 will be full of the following tendencies of wedding fashion:

  • Designers have used different kinds of geometrical shapes of dresses cuts.
  • The second hot trend of fashion will be using of black and white color, which will be mixed in designs of different modern wedding dresses.
  • Wedding designers paid their attention on using of popular color called Marsala, which is very popular in current season. It is a color, which is similar to saturated color of red wine. According to fashion predictions a big numbers of couples will choose this color as a general color of their future wedding event.
  • Original wedding dresses of 2017 are fashionable dresses, which are full of big number of different kinds of strasses and decorative jewels. General accents will be pointed on reserved and laconic using of these decorative elements and accessories.
  • Elegant lace will be very popular again, but many brides will choose different new kinds of this impressive material, which will be colored with different bright colors. The most popular are bright red which is connected with light-rose, black and white lace or some kinds of it colored with creamy and dark-blue tints.
  • It is possible that different kinds of wedding dresses with expressive plums will be popular too.


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